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Our twin girls arrived a little early at 33 weeks and 4 days. They're getting bigger day by day since they blessed us with their arrival. This blog is to document their amazing feats since we know they'll grow up entirely too fast.

I know it's been a while.  It's been a struggle to make time for all the things that need to be done in a day and I'm afraid the blog took a big hit.

This is not to say that it hasn't crossed my mind, I just have a certain expectation for what and how I post.  I know that expectations are the real route of dissatisfaction, so it is something I am actively working on... It is one of those things, however that takes time...

A lot of things have changed in our lives since I last posted so I could go on and on if I were to dwell on the past, but I'm going to try not to start back up "in catch up mode".
The girls' last school photo - October 2013

I will start by posting a link that I've been meaning to for a while.  A friend of mine, Laura, also hosts a blog that focuses on how her familial life operates, documenting her childrens' lives, photography and general.  A while back she asked me to submit a post for her Becoming Mother series.  This is a really great resource for women as they consider what they want for the birth of their children.  Every woman's story is unique and beautiful.  Mine specifically focused on how having multiples changed our expectations.  If you've read through our blog, you probably know most of our story.  If you want a quick catch up it is a relatively good summary - as long as you can ignore my sleep deprivation inspired typos ;-) - of what we went through.  The series is also a great resource if you are interested in other perspectives.

I'm hoping to do a condensed catch up entry here in the next week sometime.

Have a beautiful week till then!

Our story

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

I hope you all had a happy fourth of July! I know we did!

After I got home from a 4 mile run with Annita (my Nike app is still not working correctly – even after recalibration – boo!) Seth and I got the girls ready to go to the parade. We timed it perfectly ensuring a spot in the shade to retreat to and a short wait for all the fun :-) The girls had so much fun waving (it is one of their favorite pastimes) at all the people in the parade and even got their first parade candy (nerds, which they enjoyed immensely!) The girls loved seeing all of the people and cars drive by. Mina was a little scared of the person dressed as Sparky and hid behind me when he came by, but nothing else seemed to scare them.

The girls at home ready to go

Waving at the fire truck

A member of the Special Forces gives Evie a shout out

The girls on dad’s shoulders at the parade

We decided to try the broken egg restaurant on the way home, hoping the girls would fall asleep with a full belly. The food was good, but the service was really bad. We ordered the girls food first so that it would come out before, and they had been finished for about 15 minutes before the server noticed we didn’t have our food yet. At that point he went back to check on it and came back 5 minutes later saying it would be another 5 minutes at which point we asked for it to go. We had been at our table for over an hour and the girls were beyond restless. It still took them another 10 minutes to bring it out and they ended up comping the meal at which point we packed up the girls and headed home. The girls did in fact fall asleep on the way home. The food was good when we got home, so we may give it another chance since it’s new, but it’ll be a while.

Mina sharing her glasses with her horse during the nap in the car.

After everyone (and I mean everyone) had their naps we decided to take the McCormick’s up on their invitation to join them at the Browns’ home for some pool time. I think the fun had is probably best expressed by pictures:

Enjoying delicious hot dogs grilled up by Jeff (photo courtesy of Larry McCormick)

Splashing Dad (photo courtesy of Larry McCormick)

The girls didn’t want to get out and were giving me some stern words when I made them sit and dry off (photo courtesy of Larry McCormick)

The girls playing with Judy and Jessica (photo courtesy of Larry McCormick)

After swimming we took the girls to eat at a new market in downtown Plano – Posh Nosh. The food was really quite delicious and the casual atmosphere was just what we needed since the girls were off schedule and a bit unpredictable. Seth would especially recommend their macaroni and cheese :-)

After our meal we decided to brave the fireworks despite them being well after the girls’ bed times. We knew they would really enjoy them. We decided to see if there was anyone at the girls school, thinking that would be a good place to try to see them that might not be as crowded – and if we ran in to some friends it would be even better. There were people there, but I doubt if any of them had any affiliation with the school. We decided to give it a go anyways and really had a nice time. I’m pretty sure Mina thought the fireworks were stars as we saw her pointing to them and then to the sky. They then proceeded to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” while holding hands and swaying. Seriously, you all should have seen it – cutest thing ever! The girls continued to point and ooh and ahhh over the fireworks, occasionally getting up to dance to the music. They really enjoyed them. After the finale, we packed up and they fell asleep on the way home.

I’d say it was a very successful Fourth :-)

A look at Fourth of July’s past:

The girl’s first fourth was spent in the NICU. I'll update with a pic of that day when I get home since its not on my phone.

The girl’s at their very first parade

Mina Fourth of July finger painting

Evie Fourth of July finger painting

That's it for now, I'll try to get an update out about the rest of the week soon, we've had company so my computer time has been limited. Take care till then!

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Par for the course

While I wanted to get a post up last night, I guess it’s better late than never ;-)

This past week has been pretty crazy (but then again, that seems to be par for the course here).

Seth had a PHP conference this weekend which left the girls and I to play by ourselves on Saturday. We had a morning of playing with our tea and ice cream sets and reading books. After naptime I took the girls to the mall and let them play on soft play equipment. It was a little crazy and they’re still getting used to places where kids of all ages run freely, but they had fun. We took a break for a mango smoothie and got watched the people jump on those suspended trampolines. The girls were just enamored with them. I didn’t realize that the lower weight limit is 20 lbs! Next time dad is with us I think we might have to let the girls give it a go :-) We finished the evening with dinner at La Madeline and met dad at home for a good night story before bed. It was a really nice day - except for the fact that I forgot about a freezer exchange that I was supposed to participate in on Sunday!

Sunday was kind of hectic because I probably took on a little much. We started of the morning with a night time diaper explosion which had to be cleaned up (impromptu bath as well) before I could do any of the other things I had planned for the day. After our quick clean up I had to run to the store to get the ingredients for our freezer exchange. I also had set things in motion to get things ready for making my first batch of sourdough English muffins so I thought I’d try to get those ingredients too. Unfortunately I spent a long time looking for some ingredients, only to find out that the store did not carry them. When I got home and started prepping things ready I did have some help from the girls peeling garlic cloves and putting them through our garlic press. I would have liked to have had more time to incorporate their help, but I was pressed for time and already did not have enough time to adequately prepare for the exchange so I had to go forward without their help. I made it to the exchange a little late and fortunately the other ladies were very gracious not to have made a big deal about it. Other delicious items were exchanged and I came back home to the girls.

When I got home we decided to get some other errands done so Seth and I then took the girls with us to go visit the birds’ parents to get some food for Walter and Perry. They enjoyed seeing all the birds at Treetop Bird Center. Even though she says they are very pretty, Mina is a little intimidated by the Macaws. The girls even found a tiny croc (as in the shoe) to bring home for the boys to nibble on in their cage. We also picked up a cookbook for birds that we hope to make some items out of soon!

After Treetop, we tried to get Seth some of the shoes he has been wanting at Run On but they were closed so we decided to have dinner at a restaurant close by. We decided on The String Bean Restaurant on Coit and Campbell and were really happy with our experience there. The food was good, the wait staff was beyond friendly AND they have a room for the kids to play in!!!! The last thing alone is worth a trip in just to check it out! I’d highly recommend going if you have a hankering for home-style type cooking, especially if you have kiddos :-)

We ended the evening with a trip to central Market to pick up some Spelt four (the item I spent forever looking for earlier, only to find out that the store didn’t carry it). Fortunately Central Market did have it (as well as a few other items we didn’t initially think we needed). The girls love going to Central Market, especially when they have all the samples out! The girls were worn out by the end of our trip (as were their parents) and went to bed rather easily.

Here’s a couple of pictures from the weekend:

Evie decided she wanted to take dad’s place at the PHP conference

Mina climbed up on top of the bay window the other night and fell asleep while playing in a tutu

Half Marathon Training:
The temperature in the metroplex has been super duper hot lately so I’ve been taking my runs to the treadmill on the weeknights. Doing this brought about the realization that my nike running app has been lying to me the past week and a half! It had sparked a new fire in me when it said I was running 9:20 minute mile splits on average – that sounded too good to be true. Well, it was. When I hit the dreadmill, I was really only able to do my training run at an 11 minute mile pace (without my heart rate spiking). This, combined with the heat (even indoors), totally hampered my mental state. Last week running outside I felt really good, went further and was running considerably faster (or so I thought). Why was I struggling so much this week? Surely it was the heat… Saturday morning I ran with Annita (5 miles on our schedule). I used the same app only to discover that we were .5 shy of our goal distance according to her gps than what my app was telling me. Good news is now I know what the issue was. I just need to swallow my pride and admit that I will not see a mile under 10 pace for a good while and go back to using my runzombies app which is much more accurate (who would have thought). It will take some time, but I will find my stride again. I’ve got to October before I have to go up against 13.1. I just need to remember that slow and steady will get me to my finish line.

Want to help me get to my fundraising finish line? You can always donate securely at –

My Etsy shop is still in the works as I need to get my pictures uploaded of the fun things I have been making. I think I might actually be able to get some of the items up this weekend! Don’t worry, you all will have first dibs ;-)

Bonus Picture!

Silly face mornings

Have a great week!

Indoor Safari, Build a Bear and Garage sale

This weekend was eventful to say the least. On Saturday I participated in a LLS garage sale and managed to raise over $90 with some of the clothes the girls had grown out of at the sale and another $60 with the sale of some other things they'd grown out of. Definitely to well spent! I even snuck in a 4 mile run with Annita :-)

That afternoon we took the girls to the indoor safari park. The girls had such a good time riding the train, motorized animals and climbing in the play areas. It's a great place to let the kiddos get some energy out on those really hot days. We'll definitely be going back some time.

The girls riding the train at the indoor safari Park

Sunday we took the girls to use some gift certificates that they'd had for a while. John and Shannon had given them the gift certificates for their baptism, so we'd held on to them long enough :-)

The girls waiting patiently to stuff their bears

Evie names her Koala "Bear".

Mina gives Upen a bath

The girls love their new friends :-) Thank you John and Shannon!

Seth's new favorite thing is taking the girls to the pool so we made sure to get some swim time in too :-)

There was one one slip up this weekend when I forgot about a linch date we had with some of the cousins. Such a sad thing too, i was so looking forward to seeing how big those babies are getting! I'm gonna have to find a way to make it up to them :-(

Fundraising update: Not only did I get my first online donation this weekend (Thanks Kevin!)

That's all for now. I'm sure we'll have some more fun stuff to update you on next week!

Fundraising page-
Etsy shop coming soon!

Is blogger working again?!?!

Sorry for the hiatus, for some reason I can't being myself to blog on my computer, and the blogger app had stopped working. :-( For some odd reason it seems much easier on my phone. Good thing Blogger just updated so you'll see more of the girls again! Guess who got their first haircuts on New Years Eve! Mina:


The girls did great thanks to Jeff's patience and skill :-) - Via BlogPress on my iPhone

Evie and Perry Bird


15 Month check up

Yes, I know, the girls are 16 ½ months now, but somehow after the 1 year appointment I got it in my head that we didn't need another appointment until 18 months.  When I called to ask the pedi's office to fax the most recent immunization records to the school I found out we were behind – bad Mommom.  Fortunately, we were still in the window to keep up with their immunizations.

I wasn't able to take the time off since I still don't really have any personal time, so Seth took the ladies to see their doctor yesterday.  Since the couldn't go in until 9, I made them all breakfast and packed their bag for school and the doctor, making sure to put treats in for after their shots (Polio and flu vaccine).  The girls seemed to really enjoy their breakfast :-)

The girls enjoy breakfast
Once at the doctor's office, all of their weight and measurements were taken and it's so surprise (at least to us) that the girls have made more progress and are pretty firmly on the growth chart for their actual age.  The doctor also went over all their developmental milestones with Seth and said that they were right on track for their actual age.  No more adjusted age for us!!!!  Woohoo!!  She was so happy to see how well the girls were doing.

Mina (Baby A) Stats:
  • Height – 31" that puts her in the 46 Percentile
  • Weight – 21lbs 1oz  that puts her in the 39 Percentile
  • Head Circumference – 17.91" that puts her in the 38 Percentile
Evie (Baby B) Stats:
  • Height – 30.51"  that puts her in the 29 Percentile
  • Weight -  21lbs 7oz that puts her in the 45 Percentile
  • Head Circumference – 17.91" that puts her in the 38 Percentile
Seth said the girls were very brave for their shots and got over the initial shock/pain of it very quickly. 

And just to update you on Mina's ear infection – it's all cleared up!  Poof!  Gone!  Yippe!  While the news is good, Mina's mood is still a bit off.  According to the doctor we might be in the early stages of the terrible twos .  Seriously!!!  Looks like we've got a long road a head of us!  She gave us some handouts on what to expect with our little toddling ladies. 

Their next wellness check (with bonus hep A vaccination) should be sometime after Christmas.  I'll make sure to be on top of that one :-)

We're officially out of the baby stage now, which is kind of sad.  These girls are so much fun though and Seth and I seriously have the best gig in the world!

October visitors and birthday parties

I started writing this post on the blogger app on my phone, but now the app keeps crashing (booo!) so I'm just going to start over.
Mina on playground equipment at Story Park
Last week and this weekend have been pretty crazy. Mina was not acting like herself (she was lethargic, very irritable and running a low grade fever) at school on Wednesday so we decided to take her to see her pedi on Thursday.  Her Dr. said confirmed that she had fluid in her ear (she’d been congested for a couple of weeks) and that her throat was irritated.  Mina was so sweet to her doctor and even sang a song to her after she let her get a good swab of her throat (which fortunately testing negative for strep).  We started antibiotics that night and by the morning she was already feeling better.  Since the doctor said she was not contagious and Mina was in a better mood, we all got ready for school/work. Unfortunately in the short amount of time it took to get to school Mina’s fever came back so she got to spend the day with Dad.  He took her with him as he went for his liver ultrasound and after that they had a good time at Breadwinners for breakfast.  The rest of the day was spent snuggling. Later that day my dad, stepmom (Pam) and my brother arrived in town.  Since Seth had a softball game we all picked up some Chipotle, ate it at the park, left Seth to finish his game and then took the girls home so they could make their bed time.
Evie wanted to climb up by herself
Saturday the girls had a birthday party to attend (their friend Abby).  Since Mina and Evie had a good night and were feeling well we decided to take them to the party at the Park.  They enjoyed playing with Abby and Karmela.  Since the playground at the park wasn’t crowded, all of the girls got to enjoy interacting with it.  Mary (Abby’s mom) put together a wonderfully intimate party.  She paid attention to all the details and even provided a hand washing station for the kids.  The girls loved that!  Even though Mina was a little clingy, the girls had a really good time.  They had so much fun they crashed for a good couple of hours after we got home :-) Evie woke up before Mina did and got to feed Perry bird a treat when he escaped from his cage.  I'm working on the video of it.  It was too cute - she clearly says “bird” and when she tells him “bye”.  She even does her version of the sign language for bird :-)  I hope to post it soon.

While we were at the party my dad, Pam, and Jared rode the DART to the Historic West End to see the area where I work.  They had a good time running around but had to leave after my dad had a close encounter with a pigeon…

Grandpa Jack and Uncle Monkey tell the girls about their trip to the West End
That evening, my dad, Pam, and Jared looked after the girls while Seth and I went out for dinner to celebrate our seventh anniversary.  Can you believe it’s been that long?  Seth and I had the most delicious meal at 52 seasons and spent the evening reflecting on our time together and all the people that have supported us along the way.  We really do have the most wonderful friends and family!!!

The girls had a good night with my family and went right to bed. Sunday was not as good for Mina.

The girls were happy in the morning so we went out to Cabela’s with my family to let the girls see the fish.  Both girls both enjoyed emulating fish lips and seeing all the stuffed game displayed around the store.  Unfortunately we overstayed our time there and Mina let us know that she was not happy.
Mina (yellow) and Evie (pink) enjoy looking at the fish
So Seth and I left my dad, Pam, and Jared at the store to put the girls down for a nap.   They both slept for a long time, but every time poor Mina woke up she was just not happy.  Since we didn’t want to upset her anymore, but we still wanted to take Pam and Jared out for their birthdays, Seth and Mina stayed home while Evie and I took the others to Babe’s Chicken (believe it or not, it was Seth’s recommendation).
Evie at Babe's Chicken
Dinner was delicious and we all had a good time, but I missed Seth and Mina.  It wasn’t the same without them.   When we got back from dinner, Mina was like a brand new person.  She was so smiley and happy.  Her daddy knows just what to do for a happy Mina.  He gave her a bath as soon as we left and then they ate tons of gnocchi :-)  You should have seen the smile on her face when we got home.  Oh how it made my day!

Moving on into the week - The girls both had a good days at school (even though Evie has become one of the “biters” in class.  She never does it at home, so I don’t know what to do…. The school said that both of the girls have been really happy and social, but at home Mina has still been on the irritable side (and is continuing to pull on her ear).  The antibiotics have made her tummy all wobbly too.

She's got another appointment with her pedi on Thursday for a check up so well hopefully she'll be better before then.   It just makes me realize how lucky we are.  The girls are are so sweet and really only fussy when they don't feel good.  Comparatively they really haven't gotten sick very often.  The doctor reacted in suprise when looking at Mina's chart she noticed that it had been over six months since she'd been in.  Regardless, illness is not easy on any mom and it breaks my heart to see her cry.  I hope I can report back soon with news of sweet smiles from our Mina bean.

Diaperfest 2011

Now that I've lured you in with a cute picture lets talk about something less cute... Diapers.

Since the girls' school is working with them on changing their own clothes and changing their diaper in the bathroom while they stand, we decided we should switch diapers to something that would help with the transition. Changing them standing up in the bathroom is to help them start to make the connection between having a dirty diaper and going to the bathroom - how clever is that!

So for about two weeks now we have been cleaning our own diapers. Scary right? Well it’s not as scary as I expected :-)

We had been using Green Baby Diaper Service of Rockwall, which we would happily recommend to anyone. Unfortunately, the diaper service didn't have anything between pre-folds and potty training type pull ups (meant to be used for a short amount of time), so if we knew if we wanted to continue on with cloth we were going to have to invest in some ourselves.

Evie sporting her cute cloth diaper self while she dances

For economy (primarily since we didn't really know if we were going to be able to pull of washing them ourselves and the fact that we would need enough for two days worth of diapers for two babies (28+ diapers and covers) to give it a solid try) we opted for the pin-less Dappi diapers with the Dappi nylon covers. I’ll admit, this is one of the cheapest cloth diaper you can get, but we were trying to be realistic about the amount of time we had to clean diapers – working full time with twin daughters is already very time consuming.

About the Dappi pin-less diapers: They are very trim fitted diapers (available in S, M and L) with extra layers for absorption in the center and velcro on the side to help make it easier to change the girls while they are standing (the majority of cloth diapers have this feature too, it was just hard using the pre-folds while they were standing). They have some elastic in the leg gusset that is built into the diaper. It is not adjustable, but provides a snug fit that prevents most leaks. The velcro on the sides seems stiff (but durable) so far and sticks out a little awkwardly, but maybe that’s because the girls are on the low end of the weight for their sizing. There is a tag to indicate the back, but it is still hard to tell what's inside and what is outside. If you put it on to avoid the awkward sides then the rough side of the Velcro faces the girls skin. Since I'd rather the girls look a little silly than potentially have rough Velcro tough their skin, I make sure that the rough side of the Velcro faces out.

The weird stick out on the side, possibly due to the really firm Velcro.

Initially the main diaper material was not really ‘stiff’ but wasn’t really very soft either. Since we have been washing them for two weeks they have softened up considerably.

Sizing: Since the girls have a lot of tall slender Tberry working for them and we were on the high end of the medium size weight range we opted to get two of the mediums just to try. We were glad we didn’t get all of them in that sized because the girls would not have been able to wear them for long. So we opted to go with the large size diapers. I would say the sizing runs pretty close to what is recommended. The mediums fit really well, but since we opted for the larger size to get more use out of it they fit the girls a little awkwardly.

Mina in her diaper without the cover

About the nylon Dappi pants: The covers (available in sizes Newborn-XL) we decided to get in a size medium since they seemed very generous in size. The rise in the crotch seems to be what will push the girls in to the large size eventually. It really looks like the girls have a big old balloon on their bottom, but they keep the girls clothes dry and we haven’t had any leeks.

Diaper liners: We did invest in about 6 overnight liners to add some absorbency for night time. They are long and wide enough, but not very soft (maybe with more washing they’ll soften up).

Cost: We bought our diapers at Buy Buy Baby and each diaper was about $4. The covers, while also available at Buy Buy Baby we purchased from (because I love that company, they do free 2 day shipping, and I didn’t have time to run out to the store) at 2 for $4 so ultimately we spent about $185. Since most cloth diapers that I’ve researched I’ve found to be priced in between $20-$24 I figured we spent about 1/4 of what we could have spent.

Overall: These diapers aren't near as cute as the diapers they were wearing, but they do what they are supposed to and we haven't had any real leaks. For those on a tight budget, or just wanting to try out the cloth diaper experience, I think these diapers are pretty good. They don’t have all the bell and whistles as some others, and aren’t as soft as some of the more expensive ones, but they are functional and do what they promise.

Balloon bottom Mina

One thing I have done to help with the softness is to cut up some fleece strips to put in between the girls bottom and the diaper. I had already been doing this for the pre-folds to not only help the girls feel drier, but to keep from compromising the diapers absorbency when we had to use creams on the girls bottoms. Since fleece is relatively cheap, does not fray and is easy to cut this solution was relatively easy to do and worth the time, effort and cost. In case you are wondering I cut my strips to be about 3”x7”. I may make them a little more fitted later (widen in the front and back) but since I was in a time crunch, this has gotten us by in the mean time.

Cleaning: So far cleaning the diapers hasn't been too bad. I've been doing it for just over two weeks now. Since we have enough for about 2 1/2 days, I try to do a load every night to stay on top of it. The diaper sprayer we installed really REALLY helps (I think this is a good investment even if you aren't washing your own diapers).

The washing process: Since we usually just slide the diapers off the girls and place them in the bin, I have to pull out the all of the diapers from the day and separate the diaper from the cover and place them individually in the wash. I make sure that all the Velcro is secured together so that the covers don’t get stuck to the Velcro in the wash. I separate out the ‘dirty’ diapers from the wet diapers and put them in a separate plastic bin so that I can spray them out into the toilet with the diaper sprayer. I spray off as much fecal matter as I can while wearing gloves, reconnect the Velcro and place them with the previously soiled area facing out. After putting the rest of the soiled diapers in the wash I then run a cold prewash cycle to help loosen up as much as possible before running a heavy soiled load with my homemade detergent plus a little extra oxyclean in hot water. After they final spin I hang them on the line outside (thanks to grandmamma for installing the line). We also have a drying rack for inside when it rains. They will usually be dry by the morning if I hang them up right before 10.

Diapers on my indoor rack.

So far I’ve had a little bit of staining and there is a bit of very very slight – I’m talking about minimal - smell, but is sure to get more prominent with time. I think I might just need to look in to other detergents to deal with the harder water we have here.

Conclusion: I'm pretty happy with this adventure so far. I'm not going to tell you there's no ick factor, but seeing as how I wipe their little bottoms to get poo off it's really not that much more, and the cost savings are worth it. Even though it requires a little bit of time ultimately will be saving $170 a month from now on (since that is what we were spending for a month for the diaper service - they picked up/dropped off and washed enough diapers each week for both girls providing pre-fold diapers, thirsty covers and overnight fleece diaper liners). All of our cost savings we will be putting directly into the girls college fund. Also, I also feel better about not adding diapers to the landfill. Have you ever seen those statistics?

I don't regret using the diaper service at all, we really loved using them. They were very pleasant to work with and always very responsive when we needed something. Honestly, washing our own diapers is something I think I had to work up the courage to do anyways. When the girls were really little there's no way I could have done it, but now that we have really settled into our routine I think it will really work.

For the future: We plan to keep on moving ahead with our cloth journey. Now that I know it is something we can keep up with I might even invest in a few other diapers for special occasions when I want them to have the cute cloth diaper booty back – seriously cloth diaper bootys are too cute :-) I also have decided to invest in some more diaper specific detergents. I ordered some Hard Rockin’ Green last night from (seriously I love that store) so we’ll see if that helps – I’ve heard really great things about it.

Bonus cuteness just for reading the whole entry :-)

I’d love to hear if any one has any recommendations, tips, or just wants to share their experience

Second October weekend update (16 months)

Our weekend started off with a softball game. The girls really loved watching dad run around the bases and I got a really cute video of Evie squealing for dad. For now you will have to make do with some pictures of their cuteness.
oh No it's....Attack of the Dad!!!

At one point Mina went out to lay in the grass; she was just content to lay there. It was too cute!

We lost the game but had a great time playing :-)

On the word front we've made more progress with both girls adding "bubbles" and "choo choo". Mina even snuck in a "hello" and "baby" over the weekend. It's so much fun communicating with words!

We had aqua babies on Saturday which was way fun! We worked on kicking and wall crawling. Our homework os to float :-) Next time I'll try to get a picture it's just hard to when we both have to be in there at the same time. The girls love to water though and had such a great time.

The rest of our weekend consisted of battling diaper rash, laundry (the girls love to help), and house cleaning. We managed a few more play opportunities in though with some sidewalk chalk drawing and some choo chooing around the house.

Can you believe these babies-

Are 16 months old!

Unfortunately I only got pictures on Friday, hopefully that cuteness will get you through to the next post :-)
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