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Our twin girls arrived a little early at 33 weeks and 4 days. They're getting bigger day by day since they blessed us with their arrival. This blog is to document their amazing feats since we know they'll grow up entirely too fast.

Birthday surprise

Since today is my birthday I thought I might share some news.

I had originally wanted to wait a little longer to start spreading the news, but my darling husband couldn't contain himself and posted something on facebook (really I can't blame him too much). I am sure has already started to work its way around, so some of you may already know this via social networking...

Seth and I are about to go through a major….. MAJOR life change.

It looks as though we are expecting, not one…. but two additions to our family (and no, they are not new little birdies).

See the photo below if you want to see what I mean. :-D

Not only are we pregnant, we've got twins!


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