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Our twin girls arrived a little early at 33 weeks and 4 days. They're getting bigger day by day since they blessed us with their arrival. This blog is to document their amazing feats since we know they'll grow up entirely too fast.

22 weeks and 3 days OB with bonus Dentist appointment (was Monday March 22nd)

So today was a really busy day, or at least it was supposed to be.  I had a Pulmonologist appointment scheduled at 9:30, an OB appointment at 10:15 (no worries, they're right across the hall), and a dentist appointment at 11:15 (now that one was cutting it a little close)...

The Pulmonologist cancelled about an hour before the appointment saying there was a medical emergency - so one down, two to go :-D  Fortunately I haven't had any additional respiratory issues (at least since Thanksgiving) so this was really just a check up to make sure everything was going o.k.  Good thing it is :-D

The OB appointment went well.  I found out my little firefly friends (I had a couple of incidences where I was seeing little floaty light - very pretty, but probably not supposed to be there) were probably signs of me skimping on the water.  This wasn't an intentional skimping - more a matter of just being busy.  No worries, I'm definitely making it a priority.

The OB said everything is looking great.  Blood pressure was normal, cervix was nice and closed.  He listened to the girls with a doppler doing his best to listen as they flipped and turned.  He ultimately decided they were doing just fine since they were movin' and groovin' so much.  :-D

I talked to the Dr. about who will be able to be in the room during the delivery.  He basically said that since each baby is going to have their own medical team, he'll have a medical team, and then the anesthesiologist will have a medical team that Seth would really be the only one allowed in with me while the girls make their entrance.  This is a little disappointing, but understandable.  I was hoping the grandmas would be able to come in (especially since they both have medical backgrounds).  Seth will just have to take the girls out one at a time as they make their arrival to show them off.

Regarding the actual delivery - while I was hoping to be able to try for a normal delivery it seems the odds are not really in my favor.  95% of multiples, or so I've been told, are delivered via C-Section.  Apparently there was a study done (the Hannah study I think) that came out saying that (multiple) babies did better when delivered that way, basically since doctors didn't have enough experience with multiple vaginal births.  Ever since that study Drs. have done even less, boo.  I am lucky that my Dr. said if the babies presented themselves favorably that we could talk about it.  He did deliver many sets of multiples that way when he worked at Parkland (back before this study), but even he admits, the opportunity presents itself so rarely that even he is out of practice when it comes to multiples.

Ultimately though, the check-up went well and I'll be back in two weeks for another follow up with an ultrasound.  I am seriously so spoiled getting to see them every month!  I just love it!

After the OB, I made it to the dentist with time to spare.  The appointment went really well.  I was told my teeth are in great shape and there's no sign of infection (I only mention this because I've read that it can negatively impact the pregnancy if there were).

That's about it for the appointment updates.  I'll make sure to update when we have our next one.  It's fun times in Berry land!


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