Berry Berry Busy


Our twin girls arrived a little early at 33 weeks and 4 days. They're getting bigger day by day since they blessed us with their arrival. This blog is to document their amazing feats since we know they'll grow up entirely too fast.

Mina and Evie are one month old tomorrow - my how time flies

Things have been moving along at warp speed!  Last night the girls were measured and weighed.  Mina is 19 1/4" and a whopping 5lbs 11.9oz and Evie is 19" and 5lbs 6.5 oz!

In the most exciting news ever, we found out that the girls will be going home on Friday.  Seth and I are BEYOND ecstatic about this!  They've been doing fantastic on their feedings (the nurses in the NICU have really helped Seth and I with this).  Our girls even helped the nurses by pulling out their own feeding tubes (for the hundredth time - or so it seems like).  The nurses will be doing their carseat study tonight and we've already got them an appointment with their pediatrician on Friday!

Seth and I can't say enough positive things about the wonderful NICU team at Presbyterian Plano.  They've really helped get us to where we feel comfortable bringing the girls home to take care of them.  I really don't know what we would have done without them.

We've also had a lot of help getting the house up to par for their arrival - with much thanks to Seth's parent's, My dad, my stepmother, my mother, Seth's sister, and my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Kenny.  They did everything from clean the floors to install a ceiling fan in the girls bedrooms!

Words cannot express our gratitude to all of our friends and family for helping us get ready for this whirlwind of and experience.

Now for your next dose of berry goodness (we'll have pictures from the hospital taken soon too).

Mina's first finished bottle

Sleepy Mina with a fully tummy

Sleepy Evie on Grandmama's Tberry's shoulder


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