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Our twin girls arrived a little early at 33 weeks and 4 days. They're getting bigger day by day since they blessed us with their arrival. This blog is to document their amazing feats since we know they'll grow up entirely too fast.

Week 29 Doctors Appointment:

So the girls keep shifting around - not quite sure how since they don't have a ton of room.  They're still looking great.  Baby A had a heart beat of  136bpm and Baby B had a heartbeat of 145bmp.  We managed to get a couple of pictures of them and got to see our little Berry B give us the biggest cutest yawn in 3d.  Too bad we couldn't have recorded that!  It was beyond adorable.  The girls are kind of oblique at this point with their heads down on my left side and their feet up by my upper right rib.  No wonder I'm getting lots of punches in the bladder and kicks in the ribs (boy are my ribs sore)!
Baby A Profile

Baby B Yawny girl
Meeting with the Dr.:
Basically he said I narrowly missed being put on bed rest.  So I bought myself two more weeks before another appointment.  My cervical length had dropped 1 millimeter, but he was confident that if we could keep it to that for each week we'd be fine carrying the girls to the date we want to.  I am to continue on the restricted activity that I was on this past week that essentially means I can go to work, but I need to be laying down on my side when I am home.  We can go out on occasion, but I'm not to do a lot of walking around while we're out.

He suggest that if I have any of the symptoms that might indicate that I might be headed into premature labor that I should call him and let him know.  He suggested we have an 'itchy trigger finger' when it came to anything like that.

So for now - Yeah for two more weeks!  Now I can go to Revit training at work and we should be able to go to our breastfeeding and cesarean section class at the hospital :-D  We have opted to miss our last two operas (Madame Butterfly and Moby Dick) since it won't really allow me the opportunity to at least put my feet up.  It's a small price to pay though to keep the girls 'cookin'.

Our next Drs. appointment is Monday May 24th.

49 more days till the 7th of July!


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