Berry Berry Busy


Our twin girls arrived a little early at 33 weeks and 4 days. They're getting bigger day by day since they blessed us with their arrival. This blog is to document their amazing feats since we know they'll grow up entirely too fast.

Week 31 Doctors Appointment

Can you believe the girls are still changing locations!  Baby A has shifted to a breech position with her feet constantly dancing on my bladder and her noggin is angled to my left side. Baby B is oblique transverse and is folded in half with her head angled toward my lower right side and bootey around my belly button.  The girls had lots of fluid in their sacs still, but are definitely cramped for space.  It was really hard to get a decent picture of them since they are so smushed, but we were able to see little A berry kick little B berry in the noggin.  The sibling rivalry is back in full swing!

Sibling Rivalry pic

Baby A Face
HB 135
Weight 3 lbs 14 oz

Baby B Face

HB 153
Weight 3 lbs 8 oz

Visiting with the Dr.:
The doctor was quite pleased with the way things are looking.  My cervical length hasn't changed since he last saw us, which is great news!  We were a little worried since the past week had been pretty busy.  He said that now that we're past 31 weeks he'll still be checking the length, but we're past the point he was really concerned about :-D  He was happy with the weight gain and my blood pressure.  We talked to him about the braxton hicks contractions I've been having.  They happen several times a day, but nothing's been painful (just uncomfortable).  He told us what to look for that might indicate something more and told us to give him a call if any of those things happen.  All in all things are great.  Momma berry is a little more tired each day, but she gets two more weeks of going to work (which means I get two more weeks with the girls after their born - so yippee!!!)

Next appointment is June 7th at 3:30pm (one month from D-day) :-D


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