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Our twin girls arrived a little early at 33 weeks and 4 days. They're getting bigger day by day since they blessed us with their arrival. This blog is to document their amazing feats since we know they'll grow up entirely too fast.

Unexpected Trip to Labor and Delivery - 31 weeks and 6 days

On May 27th right after dinner Mommaberry was having some pain in her upper right abdomen.  I got horizontal to see if they'd go away and they only got worse.  When it didn't go a way for a while we ended up calling the on call Dr. to see if there might be anything we should be concerned about.  It was recommended that we go ahead and head to labor and delivery to get checked out.  As soon as we got up to go leave the majority of the pain subsided but we decided we would go ahead and go since I'd been feeling a little off all day.

Once we got to labor and delivery they decided they wanted to monitor me, set me up on an IV, and check the girl's heart beats.  My labs all came back normal, which was good (apparently a pain in the upper right side of the stomach could be a sign of liver distress).  Turns out my contractions were actually pretty regular (around 5 minutes apart).  Fortunately, they weren't really painful, just uncomfortable.  They checked me to see if the contractions were dilating my cervix (the good news is that they weren't).  They ran the test to see if I was going to deliver in two weeks or not, that came back negative.

The Dr. on call decided it would be best if they observed me overnight so we settled in as best we could.  The doctor also insisted that the girls heart beats be monitored all night.  It's normally really nice to hear their heart beats, but they were being quite stubborn little berries.  Once we would find one heart beat the other would move.  They were definitely being little stinkers.  The poor nurse was having such a hard time getting them.  We'd have to get re-situated every time I got up which always took at least 30 minutes, but we made it through the night without too much stress.

Our Dr. showed up around 8:30 and suggested a shot that would slow/stop the contractions since they had continued through the night.  It slowed them for a little bit, but they came back so the Dr. wanted me to stay through lunch to see if the shot really worked.  We talked about the possibility of a steroid shot to help the girls lungs mature if they came early.  We decided to wait it out to see how things go.  He cleared me to take a shower.  After the shower, the contractions actually stopped so by the time he came back after lunch he decided to let us leave the hospital :-)  He did want to see me again on Tuesday so that he could check my blood pressure since it had been a little high while I was in the hospital.

So that's what happened with our little trip.  The good news is everything is going well, we're just keeping a close eye on things.  The nurses at the hospital are really nice and we got a little run through of what to expect when we go in there for D-day :-)  Now we know better what to put in our hospital bag too.  I'll get an update on our Tuesday's doctor's visit soon (hopefully tonight or tomorrow).


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